Avanti tutta! e-platform – Package E


Avanti tutta! Package E includes:
– 1 year access to e-platform – includes complete digital Textbook and Workbook

Avanti tutta! is a comprehensive Italian course for Years 7 and 8 beginners. It is designed to capture students’ imaginations and stimulate their ongoing interest in the language and culture.

The course is made up of a wealth of materials coordinated in an ecosystem that comprises a textbook, an e-platform, an app, animated fumetti, games and videos featuring real-life teenagers Andrea and Valeria.

The textbook introduces language, grammar, and cultural concepts in a carefully sequenced approach, while the e-platform provides a student centred, interactive resource that includes the whole textbook with audio and video components embedded for easy completion of activities online.

The videos use the language learnt in the textbook, plus some new language that students will come to understand via subtitle help, video graphics, context and accompanying comprehension activities.

Other features include: a separate app focused on voice recognition, original canzoni, poesie, filastrocche and 10 card and board games. The course allows for an inductive approach, posing questions about language as well as offering opportunities for cultural comparison. The book includes a key grammar summary, and a complete end-of-book vocabulary reference.